Get the most out of your mobile phone battery
You can't run from the beep of impending doom. Anyone who's used a mobile phone for any length of time has experienced the low-battery warning. All too often, you hear that sound in the middle of a conversation. Prevention is the best medicine, so make sure you charge your phone every night and before you hit the road. But there's also an emergency cure or two.
Carry an extra battery: If you spend a lot of time out and about during business trips, you may not have a way to recharge your phone during the day. It's also a good idea to keep your extra battery in a protective case (even a plastic sandwich bag) so that there's no risk of the exposed connectors shorting out on coins or other metal objects.
Limit your camera and video use: Your handset's camera or videocam features may be fun and perhaps even useful, but they're also a heavy drain on your battery.
Buy a battery booster: Sometimes there's just no way around getting caught with a dying battery, but you do have one emergency option: a battery booster. Think of it as a spare tire for your phone. These products plug into the bottom of your phone and provide you with about an hour of talk time for instance, works with most mini-USB-compatible phones.