The primary goal of technology is convenience, So why should you have a smartphone that confuses you? One of the most commonly used tools which come to mind when we use the word 'Smart' technology is a well laid-out desktop, but the term becomes more significant, when we talk about smart phones. Now just imagine how much good two smart things can do to your overall experience! To make it little clearer, let me now introduce you to Gdesk, which is a real revolution in every sense of the word.

It is a phenomenal desktop extendable system that is free and highly customizable, All your favorite plug-ins, applications, documents, folders and multimedia files can be accessed in less than two taps, The only limitation of Gdesk though, is that it is exclusive to Symbian UIO 3 devices, such as the Pi i. Here's how you can set it up:

1] Download and install Gdesk,

2] TO add an application, simply tap on the screen once and select Design,

3] Tap on the screen again and select Add app and make your choice from
the list.

4] YOU can also set customized wallpapers by simply selecting

5] Hot keys can also be assigned by tapping on a desired file or
application and selecting Add key,

6]YOU can also replace your main desktop with Gdesk by simply selecting replace main.