When we talk about Symbian UIO, we can't help but draw a direct comparison with its major counter part, the Symbian S60 platform; or rather feel sad about the lack of applications that are currently available for it. S60 is without doubt, far superior due to its extensive compatibility and a huge library. But when we get to use and experience applications like Virtual Radio, it forces us to ponder upon the kind of potential UIO really holds, Let's accept it, Virtual Radio is in no way better than Spodtronic (again S60 only) but it is by far the best Internet radio streaming application that you can get for your UIO device, Why? It features over 800 stations ready for streaming over 3G and WiFi and this number will only increase in future builds. It's incredibly easy to install and work with and the sound quality is simply excellent. Unlike Spodtronic, Virtual Radio runs absolutely smoothly in the background. Sounds tempting already? Here's how you can experience it:

1] Download and install Virtual Radio from Vradio,org,

2] 1n the Ul, tap on the first option which in turn will lay down a huge list of channel groups,

3] Select the desired Group such as Asian and that will give you a list of
stations to choose from.

4] Select a channel such as Desi Zone and enjoy!