Now discover the new world of incredible applications for your windows mobile phones. Addition to the new diversity of windows mobile applications is the MYCAR PROFILE v0.4 (latest edition).


With the assist of this application youíll be capable of auto-answer your inward calls without pressing any hardware buttons on your windows mobile expert devices. On the summit of that, it also turns on the speakerphone, mechanically. Isnít it a huge application for your windows mobile phone?


Thereís a major dissimilarity between the default auto answer attribute on windows mobile phones and this application. different the default auto answer attribute on windows mobile devices which only workings when a headset is present and is burried deep within Phone>Menu>Options>More, MyCar Profile workings with or devoid of headsets and is simply available. This application does not restore the default attribute but simply makes it easier to access and use. So it will be an extra benefit on your windows mobile device and not a substitute for any accessible auto answer attribute.