Do some unwanted callers upset your solitude? Do they cause hindrance in your each day plan and waste your time when you are most busy doing some very important job? You need not agonize from now beyond. EASY MUTE is here to assist you obtain rid of those unwanted callers. The best part is that you can have this application for free on your Symbian s60 3rd, 5th edition mobile phones (supplies).

Easy Mute is a free app which will assist you discontinues worrying about unwelcome callers and enjoys your privacy. You no longer require turning off your phone just to avoid such breaks as you were doing until now. Instead just enable Easy Mute and assign the Easy Mute silent ring tone to the intruding contact(s) and leave it to the software to suppress surplus calls. On the top of that, Easy Mute is also up to directly mute the present sound profile.