MTV has forever been the top class Entertainment channel with maximum figure of Youth viewership all across the world wherever the channel has itís attain. You just ask any teenager/youngster the name of his/her preferred TV channel, and youíll obtain your answer- MTV it is, certainly. This channel has forever been the top shot for music videos, movie trailers and range of youth leaning reality TV shows similar to Roadies, Split villa, Whazzup, etc.
Now, which youngster would not akin to have access to MTVís hot spots anywhere on the go and share it amongst the friends? This need has been looked after by the freeware application MTV Mobile for the Symbian S60 5th edition mobile phones. MTV mobile will allow you to take your favorite content from MTV on with you on your mobile devices, all over you go.

With this application, you can:

ē Read the hottest stories in music and entertainment daily from your mobile phone
ē Download the latest Real tunes from MTV Charts anytime of the day
ē Be right modern with all your favorite MTV shows by watching the most recent clips. So do not get irritated if you missed the episode of your favorite show.