Sometime in our lives, we all must have encountered a condition where this part of ancient knowledge would have come true that “the past is never totally gone and it resurfaces itself some day in our present life”. Now you must be marveling what I am annoying to say.

Really when I found this recent app from the Symbian Freeware market, I could not assist but to return in past and all those memories came alive. Yes, the name of the app is SnakeFree – Do you memorize that game on our vital and simple Nokia mobile devices in which there was a small snake that had to be grown slowly, eating objects. The game utilized to end when it crossed/touched its individual tail. And the one who would finish up in having a bigger snake before the game ends, would win, if playing in a group of friends or with any of your relatives.

This game utilized to be there integral in some of the Nokia‘s basic, inexpensive phones and might not be there in some of its high-end smartphones. But not to fret as the SnakeFree app is here.