At IFA last year presented with the Toshiba Satellite P500, a new TV and cinema Notebook : The 18.4-inch HD display feels the most comfortable race car at home and is not only outwardly a showpiece. A new experience for Toshiba drive is the Blu-ray: long resisted the Japanese manufacturers and original supporters of the competing HD DVD format against the blue disks, since the fall of 2009 but to think Toshiba. The flagship of the new Blu-ray series with HD upscaling is the P500-12E - we have tested it.

Toshiba Satellite P500-assigned the number of demanding multimedia fans. No wonder that the purchaser of the jet-black lacquer- notebooks , but no way lightweight device can expect pretty one: Our test unit in the configuration P500-12E proud weighs 4.4 kilograms and will be balanced once the carton from. With the large display with 1680x945 pixels in 16:9 format and lush curves of about 44x29x4, 3 cm, it seems next to a 15-inch notebook actually 4-3 as a cinema screen laptop.The look fits this: The designers at Toshiba have agreed on timeless black and a good portion used as a gloss finish. The inner and outer cladding is not different, the look is rounded off by a subtle pattern and silver-colored elements.

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This took the form of a large, reflective logo on the case as click buttons and wide chrome frame around the entire notebook add, add. Overall, you feel a little of the Satellite A300 (test) recalls. One common feature is the smooth keyboard, which in turn of the Satellite U500 (test) is similar. However, the P500 are lit all the buttons. Due to the smooth surface, it is the first try something unusual to make the right buttons, from time to slide the finger. Still, one can certify the keyboard no bad tip properties.

Which increases the comfort while typing, is the high design of the notebook that serves as a support for the forearms. Of keys, users encounter is a separate Nummernpad and a sensor bar on the opposite side, the different touch-sensitive keys for multimedia control has drummed up - all nice lights.
Last but not least, the offset to the left touch pad has been given a light strip that Toshiba has used many times before. The Mouse is seamlessly integrated into the design and is multi-touch capability, so as documents or photos can be enlarged with two fingers.