In addition to the Toshiba Qosmio G50 notebook for multimedia trailer , the Japanese company also has its own gaming series in the offer. The Qosmio X300 delivers high-performance hardware in a "package" that draws envious glances. The lush cars will be exchanged for at least 1,500 euros. Recently, the games - Notebook series in a new version appeared, the more money in the piggy bank requires far: The X300-14O over the counter should be balanced for 3199. What can the laptop in the price range of a used car? Our staff has tried it.

Even if one takes the box in hand, creates a first idea of what kind of laptop is this monster has been let. The 17-inch model weighs 4.3 kg proud (kg) and measures about 41x31 centimeters (cm). At the thickest part is 6.3 cm high, the Qosmio X300 finally leaves on the stamp "desktop replacement". In a pinch you could carry the expensive hardware into a sufficiently strong case but also to note is that still contributes an additional component to the high weight of account: the power supply (300 watts). The black thing, the Netbook -like proportions has (only much thicker), unbeatable weighs 1.6 kg.

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As monstrous as the spin current has also the notebook. Matching the beefy dimensions and the computer player target group fights, the design for attention. This is definitely thanks to him of striking flame pattern with mirror-effect on the body safely. After opening, the owner can marvel at a black interior with rich red details and red LED lights here and there.

Even the speakers, brand copies of Harman Kardon, were integrated artistic. What one or the other, it could disrupt the consistent high-gloss look. When delivered, this looks great, a more intensive use but leaves its mark quickly: ugly fingerprints.
What lies beneath the blazing fire? Steam makes a Intel Core 2 Extreme processor QX9300 with 2.53 GHz of the type (GHz), Intel at the last Games Convention presented. has only seven seconds to pass the program 7-Zip 96 JPG photos (235 megabytes) packaged: The CPU is extremely fast. The fleet also Core 2 Duo P7350 in the MSI GX400 for example, needed 16 seconds.