The Toshiba Satellite A350D series is to connect all-round capabilities and stylish design together. Optical can - at least at second glance - clear the relationship with the Satellite A300 notebook recognize, with the major Japanese model to focus on the screen placed at the have. The editors of has tested the 16-inch notebook with a 16:9 display.

Out of the box, the user gets an approximately 38x27 centimeters (cm) wide and at the thickest point about 3.9 cm high produced Notebook, which weighs about three kilograms. The design can refer to themselves because of the black high-gloss coating as noble. The disadvantage of this is popular in multimedia design, that one should touch the laptop at best only the most necessary points or constantly keep a cleaning cloth to wipe off fingerprints fingertips. Such Toshiba has packed equal to, or otherwise the usual manual, a quick reference guide and a rather bulky power supply.

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After opening, what two hands manage like with only reveals a well-known look: the charcoal-colored, striped surface with the glossy black keyboard has been with the Satellite A300D also set, which our editorial in the variant A300-167 has been tested. The advantages and disadvantages match thus: Although you can use the keyboard typing a total good, yet the smooth keys used to. The sensor buttons nicely designed harman / kardon speakers and the silver control buttons do not differ. These do, however, be pressed with more force - a tap is not enough here. The illuminated logo shows the Toshiba logo.

The desktop is equipped from the factory a bit too lush and assembled as Picasa, Google Desktop, and links to Amazon and eBay. United is also the memory of four gigabytes (GB) failed. Because Windows Vista Home Premium but only in the 32-bit version is installed, owners will be able to use only three of the GB. To realize the full potential of access, would be the 64-bit version needed - after all, tolerate the motherboard up to eight GB of RAM.