For its first touchscreen phone, Toshiba does not finesse. While Apple and HP are salivating with shelves of a few hundred grams, the Satellite U500-1FC Japanese would rather even in the fat: 3.8 cm thick, 2.15 kg on the scale. A little heavy for an "ultraportable" 13.3 " a little disappointing for a Toshiba too, even if the machine also benefits from a very good level of finish: we like the chocolate color and small inlaid patterns in relief on the hull and the palm rest.

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And here, at least, the touchscreen works well and nicely complements the usual functions of a good laptop with Windows 7. The capacitive screen responds to touch two fingers together almost as well as an iPhone. Here, no need to try several times to enlarge or rotate an image or browse through the Earth Surface Globe, Microsoft copying Google Earth: the panel responds to the slightest caress! To take advantage of Toshiba completes the set of applications with Microsoft's touch TouchPack several software house with RealTime, which has a history, as icons, files (audio, images, documents) recently opened.

Two small problems to report anyway: the touchscreen is not very bright and most importantly, it can be rotated and folded down onto the keyboard as on the HP TouchSmart tm2. Add that the screen has little opportunity to display recent games, the machine just before a small circuit Intel. But for large office and multimedia applications, Toshiba is focused. I5 a big engine, a good record of 500 GB and a rich connections: 3 USB 2.0 ports - including one coupled with an eSATA - HDMI and a triple module Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth No.