Toshiba launches in France's Satellite L635-13L, a versatile ultraportable 13.3-inch format that runs on Intel Calpella platform with a Core i3-380M, a good storage space and a dedicated ATI graphics card.

Thanks to its Intel Core i3-380M and 4 GB of RAM, it delivers good performance in current use and multitasking. This ultraportable is also able to play HD videos without worry but also to take over games resource-efficient 3D thanks to its dedicated graphics card Mobility Radeon HD5470.

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For its part, the hard drive offers a beautiful space of 640 GB, enough to store many files and a variety. The connection is shown with its rather significant wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth No, its HDMI and VGA video outputs as well as its 3 USB ports which is a combo e-SATA. While USB 3.0 is not the game but it's hard to blame him at this price level.

The screen it is positioned in the middle with its 16:9 format particularly well suited for video, its proper resolution of 1366 768 and its brilliant treatment that makes the bright colors but shows about reflections, particularly in bright environments. It's also a shame for a PC to share its format is intended for mobile use and thus presumably outside.