Toshiba is back with new versions of its Portégé, including R700-R700 and 1FN-1FP, two variants with high-end Intel Core i7 chip 3G +, matte panel or SSD.

The Portégé R700 is an ultra-portable for the demanding mobile. He has this way of autonomy comfortable up to eight hours according to Toshiba. Another advantage is its size remains contained, as its weight, less than 1.5 Kg Moreover, its magnesium chassis gives it greater rigidity. The presence of a 3G chip + will also appeal to people who need to stay connected at all times.

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Toshiba has not neglected the performance since these versions carry a Intel Core i7. This show is at ease in most situations. As for the integrated graphics chipset, it is sufficient in the context of use-oriented Office / Internet.

The storage space is assigned to a 320GB hard drive on the Portégé R700-1NF. Its rotation speed of 7200 rpm it provides slightly higher performance relative to a model 5400 rpm. If you have a budget more comfortable, we can only advise you to opt for the Portégé R700-1FP which in turn has an SSD. The storage space will certainly be more limited, but the responsiveness of the system on a daily basis out of proportion to the point very quickly not live without it.