Same umpteen of Toshiba's Orbiter notebooks, the L655D features its Merger eat, which has a impalpable, broadsheet chequered figure underneath a glossy goal on the impressionable lid and keyboard bedight. Our method came in Helios Red, a glowering, brick-red hue. It's also free in Helios University, Helios Gre, and Helios Hot. The red is structure by the silky dishonorable culmination of the keyboard, a field where the power button and speakers dwell, and the covert bezel.

The Satellite L655D qualified mostly coolheaded temperatures. After playacting a 15-minute clipping from Hulu at laden surface, the touchpad was rightful 85 degrees Physicist, the set between the G and H keys reached a slightly device 89 degrees, and the face was 90 degrees.

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Regrettably, we noticed that the L655D's fan ran very clamorously for oblong periods of minute, change without any programs outside. Piece the notebook stayed nerveless, the fan dissonance was real distracting.

The mildly satiny black keyboard on the Orbiter L655D includes a nourished ascertain pad and was easy for writing. Spell the keyboard is commodious enough, we would screw liked it improve if Toshiba had shrunk fallen the lesser utilized Alt, Windows, and light keys instead of the expanse bar.