While 3D hardly attract many consumers, Toshiba plans to launch in the second half of 2011, laptops slab does not require 3D glasses.

For now, few brands have ventured into the niche notebook slab but all require 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D effect on pain of seeing a blur display not very attractive when this mode is activated.

But the main obstacle to the transition to 3D and not least is just being forced to wear special glasses, more or less expensive depending on the preferred solutions for brands.

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And it suffers side counts as brands themselves as disappointed by the low sales of their laptops 3D, some even becoming more cautious with the technology.

Still, this is not the case with Toshiba, which plans to go further by launching notebooks equipped with a 3D display that does not require to wear glasses to enjoy the 3D effect and better immersion.*The Japanese will build on this for the proprietary technology it uses for its latest TV.