Toshiba released in France his big brother Toshiba NB550-106, a Netbook that also works in AMD platform but with an APU Brazos Ontario Dual Core Fusion C- 50. Harman Kardon audio part and a lovely self-announced more than 9 hours are also scheduled.

He took advantage of an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Ontario Dual Core C-50 as an Atom can satisfy the basic use of office type and surf the Internet. It is associated with an amount of RAM and 1 GB hard drive with storage space of 250 GB, the classic for a netbook running Windows 7 starter.

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His party HD6250M Radeon is better than that offered by Atom (Intel GMA X3150), especially in games but also video playback. However, do not expect miracles: only old titles resource-efficient 3D can spend with adaptive levels of detail and resolution of the screen. Smooth playback of some HD video is also available.

The first can charge a small device via the USB port on the left, even if the netbook is off or in standby. If you are connecting a device like MP3 player audio input Netbook (Micro), then you can enjoy the technology Sleep'n'Music: Sound from speakers Netbook for better sound quality than the average with a Harman Kardon audio portion signed, and this again even if the netbook is in sleep or off.