Toshiba said that the new born under the sign of thenotebook, theSatellite A660, will be the reference point for people who are new to theworld mediais promising you a daily satisfaction for browsing intenet , both for listening and managing video and mp3.The choice is particularly happy since it is placed in a medium-high price range, though not exactly cheap but not be an unattainable goal.

Precisely for this reason, having to choose between several options: Intel Core i7 (Quad Core), Intel Core i5,Intel Core i3,we chose to highlight the less bright CPU (Intel Core i3 ), to really test the potential of this new laptop keeping it hidden, however, stillfor every budget, "withoutexaggeration.

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The case is, asalways, well finished and sturdy,even if it takes simple pressures in some parts, especially on the right.The hinges are strong and provide a wide opening.While Toshiba has always preferred the polished surfaces, this time seems to have learned their lesson by giving it acomfortable palm rest as a rough surfaceto give even more sensitivity to use "flying" on his legs.RAM memory and the parts are easily accessible by removing the appropriate coverage below the PC.