Presented at Computex 2011, the newQosmio X770 gaming laptop from Toshiba 17.3 inch format landed inFrance in a version, the Toshiba Qosmio X770-10M. Huron River inIntel platform, it benefits from the new DirectX 11 Nvidia GeforceGTX 560M with Optimus technology, USB 3.0, two-swift hard drives anda Quad Core processor Sandy Bridge.

Toshiba has revised the design of itsQosmio X770 with her. The colors red and black are always present butnot in the same way. It benefits from a black metal design "UrbanBlack Metallic" with red gradient and textured coating on thehull and the palm rest, what is good apart from the competition.

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It features technologies andSleep'N'Charge Sleep'n'Music. The first is used to recharge a smalldevice via USB 3.0 while the PC is in standby or off, while thesecond allows to broadcast on the loudspeakers of the PC to the musicon a small device (eg MP3 player ) via the microphone port, and thisagain the laptop is off or in standby.

This is one of the most powerful mobileGPU of the moment that stands out from his little sister Geforce GTX460M by his support for DirectX 11 and somewhat higher frequencies.In practice, the 560M GTX allows the user to engage in their favoritegames, including the most recent and resource intensive 3D.