The Satellite L775-13T Toshiba is a versatile laptop with 17.3-inchplatform that runs on Intel Huron River with an Nvidia graphics cardlatest generation processor i5 Sandy Bridge, a good storage space, anaudio solution or signed Onkyo still USB 3.0. It has theparticularity to include a Blu-Ray.

The main feature of this laptop is tobe found on the side of the optical drive that supports Blu-Ray, HDmedia that we can enjoy a Full HD external display via HDMI.

The slab-board displays are indeedclassic features with 16:9 format well suited to playing videos,glossy treatment that enhances colors but proved prone to glare anddefinition of 1600 900, lower than the HD.

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To provide superior sound quality thanthe average, Toshiba has integrated a solution to this model Onkyoaudio. This laptop also has a substantial connection with HDMI,Wi-Fi, VGA, audio ports, Ethernet or USB 3, one of which is a USB 3.0for transferring files up to 10 times faster that USB 2.0 deviceswith USB 3.0. In addition, the USB 3.0 technology has Sleep'N'Chargethat recharges a small device even if the PC is in standby or off.

For its part, the drive offers goodstorage space of 750 GB in order to maintain a lot of files on the PCwhile with the Geforce GT 525M, it is possible to correctly read HDvideo but also to play tracks resource-efficient 3D. In this area,most users will make concessions in terms of screen resolution anddetail and it will be possible to play games a little more demanding.