Announced at IFA 2011, the first Ultrabook Toshiba is now availablein the hexagon below 1000 euros under reference Toshiba PortegeZ830-10E. This model of 13.3-inch anti-glare panel runs on Intelplatform Huron River Sandy Bridge processor with low power Core i5, a128GB SSD and connectivity including HDMI and USB 3.0. It also has asolid design, a backlit keyboard, a nice light and goodself-announced.

Like any self-respecting Ultrabook, islight weight and compact dimensions making it easily transportable.It also announced a battery life that allows in practice to takeabout 6 hours surfing the Internet via Wi-F

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This model has several advantagesallowing it to stand out from the competition, starting with its13.3-inch screen. While it adopts a 16:9 format and definition of1366 768, which is classic, but has a matte treatment while itscompetitors are adorned with a glossy panel. It appears thereforeless prone to glare and easier to read in bright environments.

Its connectivity is provided over thepresence of 3 USB ports instead of 2 for its competitors, theadvantage of a technology Sleep'N'Charge to charge a small deviceeven if the PC is in standby or off, and while that another is thestandard USB 3.0 to enjoy speeds up to 10 times greater than USB 2.0with USB 3.0. And that's not all as it includes two "true"HDMI and VGA ports as well as an Ethernet connector away from thecompetition. Modules wireless Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS is alsoon the agenda, so just what the majority of users.