Go super portable with the light butpricey Toshiba Portégé R200-S234, a svelte laptop that measuresless than inch thick and weighs 2.8 pounds, but costs $2414. Thisunit has long battery life proceeding for it: The R200 endured 4hours and 38 minutes with one charge in our tests. The notebook islosing some links, but I was affected with only how much else thistrim unit offers.

You acquire a 12.1-inch XGA display and a awesomely great keyboard. The layout isn't absolute--the<Delete> key is awkwardly buried in the bottom row --but it wasgood plenty of allow me pound out 80 words a minute . The touch pad,a gray-skinned membrane adjust in a snazzy chrome panel bottom-litby a blue LED, works all right with the unit's 2 little mousebuttons.

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The just actual trouble I found was inusing the R200 though it sat roosted on my laptop. The case is hencethin that each keystroke rocks the complete unit; if you don'texpect to force yourself mad attempting to handle the floppingdisplay, you require to adjust the laptop with a stable surface.

The R200 consists both 802.11g Wi-Fiand Blue-tooth wireless networking to manage both long- andshort-distance wireless communications, as well as a built-inbiometric fingerprint reader for additional security. The consistedOmniPass security application allows you substitute Windows,application, and online passwords on a finger swipe, a process Idetected pretty simple to accomplish. Swipe supplies record more ofyour fingerprint as compared to press-and-hold windows, but they canbe cranky about recognition because you have to move your fingerexactly.