Toshiba latest luxury notebook, Qosmio G35-AV650, this is the first notebook available with HD DVD drive for playing high-definition content. We looked at the shipping unit, and we loved many heavy laptop outstanding audiovisual Extras. However, while HD content looked fantastic, expensive Qosmio has some minor restrictions.Toshiba own HD DVD-disc tray, HD TS-L802A. This combo drive is a 4X multiformat, double-layer DVD burner, as well as HD DVD-ROM Reader. To enable playback of HD DVD, G35-AV650 17-inch wide screen display has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, more than enough to support the format HD 1080p. The display also features glossy coating to increase the angle of view, and it receives power from two lamps instead of one for most brightness.The Last Samurai in HD DVD on your laptop, the video looked sharp, and exhibited incredible detail and depth. (We then watched the same film in standard definition, and found him, not in comparison.) The Qosmio audio is excellent, but through an integrated 1-bit digital amplifier, Harman / Kardon speakers and Dolby Home Theater enhancements that together simulate easily distinguishable multichannel surround sound.

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