While Toshiba is one of the Reps insisted on sitting on a table behind a secret meeting of the restaurants, on the R500 a few months ago, no one so that they can spy R500 prototype. A matte silver, one is cast with Ultrathin, R500 impressive, is small with a system specifically for the LED Backlit display a built in optical drive. The small footprint VAIO TZ150, R500 essentially the closest will be compared to the recently released Sony laptop, but in fact much larger Toshiba grams.The R500 by light is larger than a decent - in size keyboard To facilitate the management fit for typing, and the key was also important to eliminate annoying Ultraportable network, different page, and page - Squeezing avoid the keys in the bottom (always for laptop Web surfing) is important.

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A laptop this small, there's certainly concessions in terms of connectivity ports and to be are doing. In this case, we see only one SD card slot for, multifunction card readers were disappointed rather than found in most laptops. But our main complaint a mobile broadband antenna, or even one to add this option lacked. You in order to add this functionality Aftermarket your mobile provider, EV in the form of a PC card antenna will have to find a fast-DO will be for mobile professionals is becoming. That of the Toshiba R500 doubt this will include the updated version features missing, is planning. The two Toshiba Portege R500 is available in different fixed-configuration model.