Laptop giants Toshiba have just proclaimed the AC100, their first mobile PC that uses Google’s Android operating system. With a 10 inch backlit LED monitor and a standard QWERTY keyboard, the AC100 is a netbook which adjusts somewhere among a smartphone and a laptop in terms of idea and implementation. The AC100 is a very portable model, designed for people on the shift who desire to utilize the web with more power and features than the average smartphone permits.

The AC100 will contain a combination of technology which Toshiba expects will petition to notebook and smartphone users similar. A few of the features that have been proclaimed contain 3G connectivity, 8GB NAND memory, Bluetooth 2.1, and an SD card reader. Multiple USB connectivity’s and a built-in HDMI port are two of the features that create this model are obvious from the regular smartphone or netbook design. There are some prominent limitations though, with being short of touchscreen aptitude and a quite limited monitor resolution of 1024 x 600.

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