Minecraft is a game where you can makeanything you require - begining from a workbench to constructing acity with roads, lights, animals and decorations. Minecraft rotatesabout one simple principal is endurance. The game is split into dayand night cycles. During the day, you expenditure time collectingresources, whether it be detecting for ore, digging holes, fishing orplanting crops. Night is exhausted either indoors, mining undergroundtunnels, constructing tools or running about outdoor being chased bymonsters.

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This Cheat code is for Single playeronly:

Result codes
Place items that you want to duplicatein a chest. 1
Close the chest window and select "Saveand quit to title". 2
Go back into your world and take theobjects from the chest. 3
Close the chest window and exit thegame using Alt + F4. 4
Open the game again and you will haveyour items in your inventory and in the chest. 5