Earth orbit, 2019: a space stationmakes its first breath, the first child conceived and born in space,the Enlightenment, the station that will grow and then die withoutever being able to visit Earth. Two hundred years later, humanity hasreached the far corners of space andhas created a network ofinterconnected digital archive that contains all human knowledge, canbe visited as a kind of virtual world: this super-named Internet ofEden. Hence the Enlightenment Project, which is a purely digitalliving being recreated from the original data of the Enlightenment,recorded the first two hundred years: the first daughter of the spacethus becomes the first "daughter of Eden."

But something does not go the right wayand a powerful virus infects the archives of Eden, endangering thelife of the Enlightenment: it's up to us to explore the five mainarchive, consisting of many virtual worlds, to cleanse the virus andsave the girl . This is the story behind Child of Eden , as told atthe beginning of the game from a movie shot with a beautiful actresswho plays the awakening of Eastern enlightenment in Eden and thesubsequent attack by the virus, which rapidly breaks down all thelush virtual world.

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To unlock every level we have tocollect the stars that are awarded according to the skill with whichwe complete the previous levels, if a level is completed with poorperformance, it is possible that the game does not give us all thestars needed to unlock the next and then we repeat it to get theother. The gameplay is basically that of an on-rails shooter with afirst-person view: the game automatically takes us in virtual worlds,where we meet the various waves of enemies and bosses to purify.