Our instructor during all the briefingsthat will be Sergeant Edgardo Gilardino, stern and resolute, we willexplain all the commands of the Hounds and their key skills, asmentioned above are six classes of mechs, called RT (Role Type) andspecifically we find: Soldier, Sniper, Defender, Scout and CommanderHeavyGunner. The Soldier is the typical mech assault, the soldier onthe front line, with enough weapons and defense balanced, easiest tomaneuver and the first to start a fight with the enemy.

The Sniper Hound is instead a sniper,with long-range weapons, accurately and fairly powerful but with amiddle layer of defense, since it must operate from the top of somehill or still stationed far from the heart of the battle. TheDefender is a high-capacity RT defensive shields durable and madepossible by a 'good firepower. Unlike the previous two hounds, thisis not equipped with metal legs, but moves on the tracks, finding itsideal use in assisting and protecting allies on the battlefield, thedestruction of the enemies before they get into conflict with theSoldiers and in defense of its HQ (Headquarters).

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The Scout is a scout RT and moves on akind of hovercaft that increases the agility and speed, even ontricky terrain like swamps, mud and streams. Among his primary tasksis to seek out the enemies and report on the radio maps of Hounds andallies to act as bait to lure the enemy into the ambushes; thesefeatures that determine a low fire power, reduced to the minimumnecessary and aimed mainly to the killing of towers, aircraft andsome light mechs. Then we have the Heavy Gunner, RT specialist inheavy artillery, the most difficult to control, but with devastatingfirepower, because of the powerful recoil of the cannon which isfitted, this hound is based on a wide base with four legs, wellbedded on the ground, that guarantee stability in the bombings aimedat destroying mechs and enemy bases in the distance, using weaponswith the widest range in the game.