MX vs. ATV: Alive again fully themechanics of the previous chapter came out a year ago, saw usparticipate in different leagues and win or earn more podiums aspossible so as to gain experience and unlock new vehicles, tracks andcompetitions.These features of the Career mode, natural cornerstoneof the entire offering of THQ game.

The career is flanked by the classicsingle race that allows us to compete within the selected tracks fromus with the customization of the various parameters of the game. Backthen, also as regards the single-player segment, perhaps the mostpopular mode of the previous incarnation, the free ride. In thisparticular variant of the game we have several fully explorableenvironments that act, in no uncertain terms, from "playground"for our riders in motocross or ATV, to capture the best game controlsor simply enjoy the edge in the evolution of physics.

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The game also has, as usual, acompartment multiplayer where players can try their hand at differenttypes of races to determine the best driver in the world, thanks tothe presence of leaderboards that store the scores and times onvarious tracks.commands game have remained unchanged from theprevious chapter, with the left stick used for the control of thevehicle and the right balance of weight. In the air, it is crucialfor the various evolutions. The mapping of the remaining pad isdesigned to change visual, marches and so forth.