Paradise Island, a peaceful place,happy, filled with colored bears whose sole purpose is to celebrateand live in peace between a cake and a picnic in the village.This isthe context in which there is only one discordant note: Naughty Bear.The protagonist of this crazy game is a teddy bear a little differentthan the other, dark and obscure in the 'mood because ofmisunderstandings with the rest of the community, it's just notinvited to the party of one of the characters in the place for tenderunleash the madness "orsicida" and all the pent-up anger ofthe protagonist.

From this small episode begins the gameitself, whose focus is represented by 'irresistible urge to triggerpanic in the midst of all this happiness. To achieve this, the poorlittle bear has provisions to any kind of object: bats, sticks,knives and even firearms are just some of the means by which we canspread fear among the village bears sweet.

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The aim is indeed to terrorize theother residents using the entire arsenal at our disposal, but notonly: we can go crazy with the "contextual killings",placed at suitable emphasized by the voice-over, able to exploitobjects of the game scenario appropriately sabotaged to lure theunsuspecting victim in our death trap.And if all these killings arenot enough to quench our sadism, can also act psychologically scaringthe bears to the sound of "Boooooo", bringing our victimsever closer to their psychological limit, reaching even to cause adelirious suicide. All But these actions must be well planned inorder to be fruitful in terms of score, chaining combos that willincrease the multiplier, thus bringing better results to unlock thetrophies available - bronze, silver, gold and platinum - and the manyextras at our disposal.

If this is not enough you can alsocompare the scores with the rest of the Xbox Live community, givingan 'extra push to get great results!Although the combination ofcriminal acts is almost necessary to achieve remarkable results, theparticular structure of the game does not put us against the clock,excluding some challenges based on their own time, but it leaves ustime to plan our actions, each level has sensitive targets, we needto achieve objectives through some strategic choices to do dependingon the final score, a real one end of the 'entire production.