The beat 'em up Virtua Fighter 5 will soon be revived. Sega announceda remake now calledVirtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown , which may bepublished in summer 2012 via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.This is not a 1:1 port.Shall be revised to include the graphic, whatwill be noticeable for example in the form of smoother animations.

Add new elements come to the gamemechanics such as destructible walls in the battle arenas.Furthermore, saying that you must look forward to new game modes andtwo additional characters. As would be both strong sumo wrestler TakaArashi Jean Kujo, and the nimble.

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Details of the purchase price of VirtuaFighter 5 Final Showdown are so far just as a concrete release date.First pictures of the two new fighters can be found in our onlinegallery.