Our first face-off opportunity to Counter-Strike: Global campaignbrings back memories: I quickly choose my arms and then to teammatesafter scurrying into the swarm of wüstenstaubigen city ruins.Shootout at the building entrance, grenades exchange, a sniperlurking somewhere. Game play is fast and snappy, my hero, no lessquickly. One came through and successfully passed the bomb. "!Bang" next round Sounds like a flashback, because already in theyear 1999, the Half-Life modCounter-Strike making their way.

The battlescenes depicted on the "Dust" card is in some ways been adusty old hat, but also something completely new. Since we firstplayedCounter-Strike: Global campaign , the latest generation ofindestructible shooter classic. On the game fair PAX in Seattle hasbuilt Valve a few dozen systems with the Xbox 360 version, guaranteesfull day Anstehschlangen formation. Project Ido Magal calls us onesimple reason why the PC version can not be tested: "The consoleversions have to make as the first complete and submit, for the PC,we then have more time." Therefore, controls and screen displayscan be compared to our Xbox game-changing experiences in detail.

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The weapons (old friends plus eightCounter-Strike -comers) are normally divided into several groups:pistols, rifles, SMGs (automatic guns) and shotguns. The interestingnew features put in the equipment category. As we come along with oldacquaintances grenade at jokes like the Molotov cocktail, which builta wall of flames on impact, which crackles a few seconds to himself.For the whole trimmed for speed Counter-Strike gaming experience aweapon with considerable tactical importance, which slows down theopposing team, forcing detours.