How can the West to move to one of thelargest metropolises of the United States of America? Apparently, LosAngeles has become the theater of a war between criminal cartelsengaged in drug trafficking between Mexico and California, who wantto take control of the city and expand into other territories. Tocope with this situation is set up a special squad formed localpolice agent Ben McCall, Kim Evans, and the FBI, the DEA, EddieGuerra. Each of the three players have ties to these gangs, and inthe course of the missions we have ever seen some doubts about theirsuspicious actions, the most impressive crime boss has been part ofBen's past, Vietnamese, and the brothers were part of the Evans bandsthat now she is fighting and then Eddie has too many debts to be paidbecause of his habit of gambling.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel proposes acampaign in which we can choose to play as one of the three membersof the Task Force to learn more about the character and history ofeach of them. Depending on the chosen character as a protagonist forthe campaign, we know different facets of the game. For example ifthe player chooses Well, this will try to steal items and do somefavors a middle-aged woman who is in prostitution, while we will beguided by other people to suspect that Eddie receives mysteriouscalls on the sums of money.

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If the agent you chose war instead,would reverse the situation and we will have more doubts about McCalland Evans. With quest'accorgimento, you can replay the campaignseveral times without getting bored or having to repeat the sameactions. We can also play along with two other friends, eachcontrolling one of three characters in the online co-op. The story isstructured according to individual missions that we see in certainterritories infiltrators to destroy them, to try and kill the gangmembers , chase and arrest the most influential leaders, or to hearand question witnesses. The environments range from forests to areasof interest in the California cities of Los Angeles, from the desertsof Colorado on the outskirts of the Mexican town of Juarez.