In the latest map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , with the telling name "Rezurrection" (Resurrection), only players come to the popular zombie mode at your expense. Is "the new card" Moon, in conjunction with the revised classic "Night of the Undead," "Crazy", "Shi No Numa" and "" The giant, complete the struggle for survival spectacular.

The undead are able to destroy the barricades, so sooner or later to enter the ruins. Friends of large explosions should use standing around the barrels in front of the building to dispose of large amounts of enemies with one blow. In the course of the game leads to two further rooms, which are smaller than the starting area.

One of them is on the first floor via a staircase to reach, but should be used only as an emergency refuge there complicated by the many scattered junk maneuvering is and it gets stuck more often. In "Night of the Undead", players start with a Colt M1911 and 2 stick grenades.Other weapons may have had in the zones marked with chalk or the

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unlockable "Mystery Box" will be purchased. As a special power-up, there is a "nuke", which is perfect to make all the undead on the map to finally put an end.

The second map, the map pack is set in Berlin Wittenau sanitarium. The map name is unique program. For both the scattered body parts and the blood sprinkled walls attest to the fact that it was handled at this facility is anything but squeamish with the patient. 's Something On "gives" it electric shock fences to defend against the zombies that allow players to get back to Grouping and reload. Unfortunately, these fences must be activated before they provide sufficient protection.