After amulti-day hunt, the publisher Square Enix, the first downloadablecontent (DLC) for the stealth shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolutionannounced. It is a single-player mission called The Missing Link, theprotagonist Adam Jensen three days out of sight of the main storydisappears and finds himself in a mysterious freighter.The goal isto escape from that very freighter on which Jensen held captive is.

A special trick is that Jensen does notuse his abilities to augmentation. The Mini-Add-On will introduce newcharacters that play well in the history of the main game a role.Square Enix has a price not yet known, but a release date: TheMissing Link will be released in October 2011.

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Square Enixhad scattered before the official announcement of several referencesto the DLC. A summary of the scavenger hunt we have an additionalitem combined for you.