A truly stunning piece of news is the announcement by DICE does notthat Battlefield 3 wants to make more of unlockable items multiplayermotivating. The developers have hinted very early in the developmentprocess.Petra Schmitz, editor at our sister magazine GameStar hasalready commented on this in a column.

Stillcontains the call by Executive Producer Patrick Bach to Rock, Paper,Schotgun some interesting statements. The editor of the Americanwebsite forwarded a request of mine Craft inventor Markus 'Notch'Persson. He wanted to know how one can motivate the players in thelong run. Bach replied: "I think we've learned that peopleinvest a lot of time if you make a good game.

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The game is available now for 1.5years, and we thought, people will play six months in multiplayer, itwould lower player numbers. In reality, still plays the same number,like three months after release. "

Bach admits that they did not expectthat players would be after such a long time still motivated withunlockable items, because were so long ago moved on to other titles."In Battlefield 3, we think that it's the people more than BadCompany will play 2.