Like the site were reported, since the release on 26thAugust this year, more than two million copies of Deus Ex: HumanRevolution shipped to dealers. Even if this number is no directconclusions about the sold units was permitted to elsewhere reportedlast month that Deus Ex was the best selling game in the UnitedStates.

The numbers here refer to all versionsof the game as the console version in comparison to the PC versionhas cut off is not known. Since Valve's sales on its digitaldistribution platform Steam fails to disclose these and therefore cannot be considered, should the number actually sold the game to bemuch higher. For a detailed, country-specific list of sales ordeliveries not.

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The recently announced DLC " TheMissing Link 'could boost sales of its publication in October of thisyear. A first trailer for the download extension is ready in ourvideo section. Some screenshots can be found in our gallery.