"Leake" is the new announce: The developers of StarbreezeStudios actually work on a reboot of the Syndicate series. The firstdetails and (very small) screenshots have been released over theweekend for a short time at EA's distribution platform Origin. Theydisappeared as quickly as they appeared, but the Internet is knownnot forget. Thus, the product description for example in the NeoGAFforum published. Accordingly,Syndicate a "reinterpretation ofthe iconic strategy game series of 1993".The iso-view must giveway to the first-person perspective: The newSyndicate is' a "uniquefirst-person shooter set in the year 2069, in which the motto"business is war "is to be taken very literally.

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The world of Syndicate is no longercalled that is politicians, but by mighty giant corporations,syndicates, ruled. With the latest neuro-chip implants people canalways and everywhere access to the digital world, while thecorporations determine the entire private life.The battle for marketdominance under the syndicates even goes so far that each companydevelops its own artificially enhanced agents. The player assumes therole of such agents: Miles Kilo Corps newest agent prototype andis in the course of Syndicate a "brutal action adventureexperience full of corruption and revenge. " This he can draw onthe technical improvements of his body and slow down the time, forexample, opponents see through walls or explore the digital worldover the still unclear "Dart vision".