Byzan, what was once a charming citylocated on the Sea of Kaspar, has seen better days. After the deathin battle of the King who ruled, the throne passed to his onlydaughter, Asturias, helped in the difficult task only from trustedZamparo magician, who has always served the fallen father. Soon,however, the princess fell into temptation, driven by 'envy of thepowerful wizard and his occult powers unattainable. This meant thatAsturians seduced the magician with the sole purpose to delve intoits secrets and learn his magic. Soon the situation worsened,bringing the beautiful princess to use black magic, pulling up thesouls of anyone who opposed and reducing Zamparo in chains.

Crimson Alliance is an action / RPGwith giocoruolistici aspects that become apparent since the selectionof our character, the three heroes are available because they differnot only from an aesthetic standpoint, even for gameplay. GNOxmercenary is a classic, strong but slow, you can count on his swordand shield; Moonshade is a light, agile and fast, able to hit theenemy suddenly stunned then finish them with his ranged attacks, andfinally there Direwolf - translated in a very controversial with thenickname of Wolf Ravine - the classic magician able to exploit itselemental attacks and the ability to teleport.

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One of the features of this game is theability to deeply customize the equipment changing the threecharacters, the color and the name giving each player the opportunityto recreate their hero, differs significantly from any other withoutthe risk, perhaps co-operative play through Xbox Live or locally, tomeet in the middle of many clones. Continuing in the 'adventures alsofind various shops where you can buy new weapons and armor, each verydifferent from not only the statistics of attack or defense but alsofor special effects like electrical shocks that can stun enemies,blows ice to freeze, and so on.