Codemasters puts his ego to the testengine in this shooter focused on killings in combination and fastaction and unpretentious, in an attempt to establish the bestpossible score in each of the many stages that we make available tothe campaign. This leads to a reduction, if one can define, in manyways: first the plot itself, in this case reduced to a mere pretextto accompany the player in this fast-paced carnage. Interpret anagent of the Network, an agency that sends its men in the mostdisparate - and desperate - war zones of our planet in an attempt todiscover the truth about some installations least mysterious. Thisinevitably leads us into the crossfire of rebels and militiasnational calandoci in a context where all are our enemies.

Thisis the narrative context in which we are thrown and is easy to seethat, having to collide with three "armies" differentenemies on the screen are always in great quantities. The missionstructure is fairly free, with maps large enough and with the welcomeopportunity to follow the path that the player wants, giving asandbox approach, although with due limits, always pleasant to dealwith, capable of giving the player a greater freedom of decision andaction.

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The various objectives are sensitivedirectly reported on the HUD of the game, but leaving us the freedomof choice about how to achieve them. Up to now the structure is thatof any classic FPS:Bodycount to differentiate from the rest of theproducts is similar in circulation, however, the special Combo systemthat gives the player the ability to make high scores in an attemptto stand out in the online leaderboards. By killing the enemies in an"original", we start the combo: head shots, surprisingly,behind, kills with explosives, grenades, mines and explosions arecreated by objects that are literally scattered scenarios allow us toextend this combination, are going to increase the multiplier andconsequently our own score.