Having delighted the players on PCs,mobile phones and PDAs,Zumasees his landing point of one of virtualplatforms more interesting to think about: Xbox Live Arcade.FromMicrosoft, very simple games and just as fun can be downloadeddirectly via the Internet by not have to leave home and go into thestore to buy them.Perfect for those who want to spend some time witha puzzle among the plants of the Amazon forest,Zumaoffers us one ofthe ways that ancient South American peoples used to enter thetemples of old, and many rely on a frog colored balls.

The game itself is very simple.Startingthe adventure mode will appear on the screen the first track, thefirst level, the first temple (this is to say that the game is quitelong), the ease and simplicity of the first level of control makesthe first impression a very pleasant and very relaxing .The stonefrog, which is practically your character is placed at the center ofthe screen and around a track she runs more and more complex as youadvance in level.

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One end of the track leaves the screen,to give the impression that that point is the source of all thecolored balls, the other hand, ends in a trap door in the shape ofthe skull.At first, the skull's mouth is closed, but more balls areclosest to the jaw opens and prepares to swallow everything.If, byaccident, the balls were to be swallowed, the game would become overcertain thing (of course after having exhausted all three livesleft).How to avoid that the skull fulfill his greedy purpose?Justblow up the balls before they get to the hatch, and that's where thefrog comes into play, that's you.