On the current generation of consoles,Gears of War stands out as an inevitable. The series of Epic Gameshas - excuse the few - reinvented the shoot in the third person.Extraordinary technical achievement that made ​​us jump two feetinto the HD era, GoW is one of those games that can boast of havingmade selling consoles in full containers. The series also - on amodel impossible to find fault - as basic gameplay imposed aneffective, armed exchanges between eights and revolutionary roofingsystem. As for his hero, Marcus Fenix, he moved among cult fansreally nags "badass".

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So when, to conclude the trilogy, it islaunched on the trail of his father still alive, the better is notworth to be a Locust to cross his path. As Don would say: "Let'sget this mess once and for all." We find the TOS in a very dirtystate, survivors condemned to wander in small groups, facing theLocusts that have ceased to become a threat to Will and have becomethe executioners, evidence that the battles won in the past havefailed. In those circumstances, found the President Prescott,resigned, as a whole company just to Marcus. However, this lastbattle, they are ready to lead and play all the cards in their gamein an attempt to finally eradicate the invading Locust and save theworld. Easy task for any subscriber to apocalyptic blockbusters.