If you believe the insider informants of the site Siliconera , isDead Space 3 be drastically different than its predecessor. So shallthe third installment of the sci-fi horror series no longer play indark space stations, but on the snow planet Tau Volantis. That, atleast according to the anonymous source that the site previously (nowofficially confirmed) leaked information on Syndicate remake was alsothe first details about the story, the mole will have learned: IsaacClarke is sent at the beginning of Dead Space 3 crash of a spacecrafton Tau Volantis.

After crashlanding in a frozen wilderness to save Isaac in a deserted plant andlearns of a serious injury that he is not the only survivor of thecrash. So shall also from Dead Space 2 Ellie Langford to be known DewVolantis - albeit in a different facility. To achieve Ellie, Isaachas a snow-suit out into the eternal ice. An important role to playin Dead Space 3, the technician Jennifer. The researchers tried thefindings of a group called "Rosetta" to reconstruct.

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Of course, not the harmless: lurking inthe blinding snow, the landscape only as a "hive mind"known monsters of third Dead SpaceDead Space How exactly three plays,not explained by the informant. Whether the developer so visceralgames or players based on the predecessor to a mix of Lost Planet andThe Thing must set remains to be seen. There is no deadline, targetplatforms, or an official confirmation from Electronic Arts, orvisceral Games are not currently.