Forge World, Imperial colony on whichthey are manufactured weapons and war machines that the Empire usesto the endless war against the forces of evil, has been invaded bymillions of Orks. But the planet is home to one of the mostdestructive weapons available to the Empire, and lose possessioncould mean permanently raise the white flag and surrender to theenemies of humanity. For this, waiting for reinforcements arrive onthe planet of the Empire, a squad of Space Marines is sent there toget their hands on the weapon secret before we are able Orks, theteam is led by Captain Titus, hero played from beginning to end ofthe adventure. Accompanied by his faithful companions, and, in somecircumstances, personalities encountered during the main plot, ourhero will face hundreds of different types of Orks from small andharmless monsters who meet up at the beginning of the game enemies toget to specialize in the use of ranged weapons, monsters, suicidebombers who blow themselves up just to let you out or giant armoredcreatures very difficult to break down.

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As for the gameplay,Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a third-person shooter thatcombines the gunfire (very loosely inspired by Gears of War) themechanical properties of a typical hack n 'slash, with hordes ofenemies to face in melee . The entire gameplay is based on the mix ofthese two seemingly opposite approaches, but without the controlsystem are affected: the controls of firearms are entrusted to theshoulder buttons as in the classic shooter, while the A, B, X and Yare dedicated to the control of the character during the melee formelee combat. Press the two levers you can then activate Rage mode,during which recovers energy Titus and his shots (with both physicaland firearms) become more powerful. As there is no medical kits, theonly other way to recover energy is to perform the executions onenemies, stunning the Y button and then finendoli B.