Currently known to run the beta test of the shooter Battlefield 3 infull swing. The developer Digital Illusions invested much time andeffort to provide the most intensive and error-free gamingexperience. This is now the producer of Digital Illusions PatrickBach said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine . Itis currently set everything to deliver a perfect game. In the past,it was with their own games is not always very satisfied. This alsoapplies to the shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 .

"I do not know exactly why, but Ialways feel ashamed for the games in which I participated. I do noteven bring it about me, our latest game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 tostart, because I am so ashamed of it. I know there is a greatproduct, but I can only see the things that we could have donebetter. "'

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Regarding the target perfectionism inthe development of Battlefield 3 Patrick Bach but also recognizes therisks.