Often games based on children's filmsare dedicated to carry the story in the interactive world of videogames, trying to recreate the magic of the movies within the game,trying to play the same emotions and situations of the same movie forthem to experience first hand the player. Others feel the road thanthe main story of an adventure that takes advantage of the charismaof the character in the film or, increasingly, of all players tryingto take advantage of the same features most fun for the kids.

Rio instead chose a bold abandonmentstereotypes of games based on cartoons, simply ignoring the historyof films and generally avoiding Pasarea the game on a true story,even the use of the characters is not emphasized or characterizationsof profound differences in the phases of the game but phases islimited to introductory and summary of the outcome of games. THQchose then to Rioto focus on fun and ease of use, allowing quickaccess to all the game for instant action, possibly in the company,full of fun. The games offered are therefore very simple andexplained a few lines on the Welcome screen where you can joinimmediately for up to four players will share the screen.
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The goals and methods of control areeasy and instinctive need to dance, take off the mud off preventingothers from doing throwing balls of mud, "bombing" of theubiquitous monkeys. Basically the game scenarios are a dozen, withhundreds of variations for hours and hours of entertainment and funwith all your friends. And 'possible to follow a path between thedifferent scenarios or just choose the mini-game you want and launchinto frantic action, time or elimination. At the end of each gamesession is set up a podium in which to deploy the cute budgies Rio inorder arrival in a single test, then shows the ranking compared togames played so far. The menus are simple and intuitive and there arescenes from the film that alternate matches during the story mode.