The same EA insiders already the ice planet scenario of Dead Space 3 How indicating the mole, is Isaac Clarke, together with Elli Langford forced by the Earth government to rescue a woman from the ice planet Tau Volantis - or go as an alternative for his actions in Dead Space 2 in jail. Isaac accepted reluctantly, but soon reveals itself as a risk for the success of the mission. As indicated in previous games, Dead Space, Isaac's psyche has suffered through contact with the alien-marker a serious crack.

In Dead Space 3, his condition is so bad that he has a split personality. This "shadow-Isaac" is not only as a separate figure for the player and Isaac visible, but also a mockery of the heroes at every turn. Whether it is the woman to be

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rescued from the informants also mentioned technician "Jennifer," is still unclear. The examined "on the snow star Tau Volantis, the research results of the" Rosetta group.

This is complicated by the "hive mind" called aliens, which may be Isaac mess inside research facilities and in blinding snowstorms. Also in the eternal ice of Tau Volantis is another marker - always been the source of the Necromorphs aliens -. Slumbering end spoiler warning . All of this information have been the hour or by Electronic Arts, nor commented on Dead Space developers Visceral Games . Siliconera stresses, however, that the same informant previously been operated by leaking information to the Syndicate has let reboot.