The graphics are at shooters always tip the scales. The one player reaches a convenient chart to see as much strategy and speed and the other needs a sumptuous graphics, to which he may become intoxicated. BF: BC2 does not have stunning graphics and the visual variety is often lacking - it can at BF: BC2 every little buildings are full of holes - no small holes, but huge holes that often lead to the complete demolition of the building.

If the player wants it, it can even bring important defensive positions on the roofs of the game on a case by the whole house can easily fall away after several retaining walls were eliminated. This produces an ever new game situations and tactics must be pre-set always adapted to the respective situations. This feature makes video-BF: BC2 almost

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simultaneously unique and realistic than other, similar games in the genre. In purely visual comparison to Call of Duty 2 looks BFBC2 in spite of newer graphics engine bulkier and less imposing.

Immediately after the start comes against one of the typical Battlefield-sound and one remembers the many hours they spent with one of the older parts. The sound is functional and sounds good. The acoustic effect with bullets flying by, the one just barely miss that sound authentic and let the sounds of BF: BC2 are realistic. Also on the headset, the mood is very well put across. The background music in single player, however, would be able to listen a little harder.