WithEnslaved , the developer Ninja Theory in October 2010, a colorful,well-narrated action-adventure game for Xbox 360 and PS3 releases.Despite positive reviews was the financial success from, however.Antoniades: "Consider, for example Kings Speech: If you would gowith such an idea to a publisher with the question:" How about amovie where it goes to a speech therapist, the stammering king ofancient Britain is at your side, "would you say this in thegaming industry:" Yes. I want to see it! ". In the filmindustry, however, made such a project possible. " Antoniadescontinued, "There is no apparent willingness to be morediversity in our industry to bring interesting, alternative games onthe market. At least for AAA titles, so the upper end of the gamesindustry, no special innovations done immediately. "

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His proposal: "Game publishersshould, for example, by early beta stages, big marketing test beforethey begin to operate. . To say, "Hey, we have three games inour portfolio, so we pick out the game, what we like best and sellonly this one" is the wrong solution " based on his latestproject Enslaved, Antoniades said: " I will not actually be theone who says we did not have enough marketing, but new brands have tobe made ​​visible. And I think that is not happening for us. Alot of people out there have not yet heard of the game.