On 27 October seems the highly anticipated first-person shooterBattlefield 3 in Germany. The direct PC-exclusive predecessorBattlefield 2 was released over six years ago, has in the meantime,the studio responsible for the spin-offs DICE Battlefield: BadCompany and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 released. The return to theoriginal series did not mean that Bad Company has had with the secondpart of their last use.

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DICE Producer Patrick Liu said in aninterview with the English website of The Guardian : "We haveBad Company! We just do not depreciated as many games Be patient -there might be something approaching. We have always multipleprojects going -. some of them dropped, while others work better, wehave no plans Battlefield. make it a annual publication entitled Wewant to make the Battlefield games themselves and not give to anotherstudio and a studio creates the annual . Release of a brand entirelyalone - well, apart from sports games, but that's another story, "There is still no exact or even an official confirmation of aBattlefield: Bad Company 3 , but a rejection definitely looksdifferent.