Battlefield 3 of Dice The team will base the development of Battlefield 3 much attention to authenticity and realism. The findings defined it together with the military experts including Andy McNab. This went together with the developers in a Motion Capture Studio and was there, as, for example, weapons reloading and how to move from one cover to another. Despite this attention to detail will be Battlefield 3 is not seen but as a kind of simulation - exactly what should be the shooter that is not at all. This is now the producer Patrick Bach stated in an interview with the Magazine Industry Gamer clear.

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"We are not trying here to do a simulation. However, it is important for us that everything in the game feels plausible and authentic or realistic looks. We want to tell a story. This story we want to get across in a unique style based on authenticity. To investigate this authenticity is very important for us. "

In addition, the product manager Kevin O'Leary now officially announced to speak and presented here a recent number of pre-orders of Battlefield 3Thus, more than two million copies were preordered and Electronic Arts and Dice were very pleased with this development.